(Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, A.P.)

NAAC with 'B'

Vinukonda, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh

DEPARTMENT OF Political Science PROFILE Established : 1980

About the department:
          Established in 1980, Department of Political Science is one of the vibrant
departments in the college. Department strives for promoting awareness on
social issues apart from delivering curricular aspects. Over the years, department
has reputed faculty along with steady patronage from the student fraternity.
To nurture young minds towards academic excellence and social relevance,
relying on the principles of scientific temper, ethical perseverance and patriotism,
in order to shape them as responsible citizens of the 21st century.
 To disseminate holistic education with emphasis on life and career skills.
 To leverage digital tools for the alleviation of social, economic and
educational backwardness among different strata of the society.
 To provide outcome-based education for fulfilling the aspirations of both
the individual and the nation.
Programmes Offered

Handles Political Science subject to BA(HEP) and BA(OEP).

Teaching posts and Non-Teaching Posts

Sanctioned Posts: 01

Working Faculty:

                Regular Faculty: 01

                Contract Faculty: 00

                Guest Faculty: 00

SGK analysis of the department and Future plans


. Student support/patronage is the major advantage for the department
• Generalist nature of the subject
• Easily comprehendible content
• Amicable relationship between students and faculty


• Inferiority complex among Arts’ students
• Minimal career opportunities


Department can play key role in the proposed Coaching for competitive exams

• With the renewed focus on our college, we can integrate the department with the administrative and social institutions in our town

• Aspiration among the youth to pursue higher education


Regular and systematic conduct of classes

• Increase the student admissions and also their attendance

• Promote employable skills (particularly, communication skills) among our students