(Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, A.P.)

NAAC with 'B'

Vinukonda, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh



The vision of the institution is to make available higher education to all the young aspirants of the region and to edify their overall personality, keeping the emerging trends of the society in the view.


To materialize the vision mentioned above, the mission is divided into the following achievable objectives.

 Catering to the academic needs of the rural poor students

 Imparting life skills to fit the students in the job market effectively

 Inculcating the spirit of diligence to achieve their goal and build their career

 Enriching the curriculum with value-based activities for the holistic development of the students

 Fostering the spirit of confidence and sportsmanship


1. Social consciousness: First we are human beings having same needs and aspirations. All other social stratifications come next. We lead our lives in the society from mother womb to tomb, we must have an idea over social dynamics which are driving forces for the well being of society. College strictly confines its actions towards the above thoughts. With these spirits, college encourages students transformation.

2. Gratitude: It is the utmost quality, should be possessed by the humans. It is also a leading force at every stage of a successful individual. To be reciprocative to all the people who contributed for our success, it is our customary responsibility. It must be instilled in our minds right from the budding stage, atleast from the teenage. Hence, college emphases on this value to be made a part in students behaviour.

3. Diligence: ‘Success is sweet but its secret is sweat’. There is no alternative for hard-work, so as to being the most successful. College reiterates the functionality of the above thought. College functionality is molded in such way to be a direct example for the students, expecting the same from them.

4. Adaptiveness: Life is an ever-learning phenomenon, who can understand this will lead a better life and can be admired by others. As it is an indispensable fact in every field, education is not an exception. The emerging and everchanging trends in the knowledge domain bestir the college activities to impart the new skills in the students.

5. Team spirit: a force which can shun all diversities single handedly, that is why it is considered as a core value for the development of college, students as well as the society. It nurtures all the positive behavioural traits of an individual such as equity, dignity, compassion, rationality, etc. college strongly believes in that.